Fully Automatic Paper Cup Machine

Somwanshi Paper Industries
CUP SIZE 85 ml TO 350 ml
POWER 3PH-380V, 10HP
SPEED 90-110 Cups Per Minute
MACHINE SIZE 2700 x 1500 x 1700 MM
WEIGHT 3800kg


  • PLC Control (Seimens)
  • Self Oiling Function
  • Gear Drive System
  • High Production
  • Bottom Paper Wastage Control Sys.
  • Automatic Paper Cup Collection Table

SPCI 12 H Automatic PAper Cup Machine is a new multistage operaton machine with improved & steady Hi-speed output. If has feature like Auto Oil Lubrication, Heavy Duty Steel Stucture Body, Advanced Multi Stage Sensor & Motor Based System to reduce wastage. It Uses Shafts, Multiple Cams & Gear Texchnology with advanced features like 12 stage sensor system & collector table with auto counting and stacking. It is more silent & steady at operating speed of 90-110 cups/machine